You could literally spend years studying time and how we measure it. Like, even the things that we think are of as ancient and everlasting are not. Even rocks. The oldest rock on Earth, found in the Canadian Shied is 4.031 ± 0.003 GA, one GA is a billion years, so that rock is over 4 billion years old. The oldest rock ever found on the surface of the earth is dated at 4.6 billion years old, and it comes from the moon. These are rocks from before our planet even formed. Galaxies and planets would have been and gone before our planet was even round. The oldest Galaxy that we have spotted is 30 bn light years away, and is 13.1 bn years old. THINK of the civilizations that may have evolved in that expanse of time! 
   The oldest religions surviving on earth are Vedic Brahmanism (which emerged into Hinduism) and Judaism (which is pretty much the same).  Judaism can be traced to the Bronze Age, when God told Abraham to be a father of the people who were to be special to God, Vedic religion’s origins are so obscure and ancient that it cannot be traced back to one person or moment in time. I don’t understand the origins of religion and the relationship between ancient civilizations and the Bible. Why would God have waited until the Bronze Age to introduce himself to his Creation? Would he have created the Neolithic man and the other versions of pre-historic man first? What came first Eden or the Neanderthal? Where did Adam and Eve go before Homo-sapiens developed? Or are these pre-man species simply part of the animal Kingdom, and by the time Adam and Eve had the Fall they had just…. disappeared?? Why would God have allowed pre-historic notions of religion and sun-gods and animal-spirits to these obviously sentient beings? I don’t know anything about the origin of man and religion in the East, but I don’t know how you can look at two ancient, persevering, major world religions side by side, knowing that they were a product of human emotional and physical development, and say that one is the correct description of man and the other is not. 
Whenever I begin to doubt my atheistic perspective I remember how traceable religious ideas are. I remember that the Bible is a book, and it can be interpreted. Almost every statement has a reason that it was written, every attitude a purpose, every word a very human author. When we read a work of fiction, we can question the author’s motive for writing it. Is it rhetoric? Catharsis? Are they trying to persuade us to think a certain way or is this a personal exploration of a theme? The Bible was written and complied by men for the preservation of Christianity and as propaganda to encourage the destruction of paganism and pagan values, or any other religion it encountered. It’s aim is to make the reader feel safe in the face of a dangerous natural world by providing answers about where we came from and where we are going. Until I read a sentence which cannot be interpreted in that way I can never see myself having a faith. Why is the statement that Jesus is the Son of God and he sacrificed himself for our sins a more reliable sentence than ‘do not have sex outside of marriage’ and ‘don’t trade in temples’ (paraphrasing here) when they are all written in the same book?? 
These ideas of God, Humanity, Heaven whatever are so small, there is something so much bigger and it is time, and eventually all these ideas will be swallowed up in it along with everything that we have ever said, thought, or made. 


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