‘Acting white’ – Bounty and coconuts

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Disgusting. I will never know what it’s like to be a woc living/working/ studying in a predominantly white environment, but if I can help create ANY awareness about the discrimination and racial stereotypes these women (and obvs men) fight on a daily basis, then I will. I have white privilege, a thing repugnant in itself, and I promise to try, though education and protest, to change mine and others mindsets away from the inherently racist culture in which we live. For we are inherently racist. As we have been conditioned to be submissive/dominant according to our sex, so we have been conditioned to view the world with whitewashed eyes where ‘light is better’ and white is ‘sophisticated’, and, as with any issue of discrimination, awareness is the key to change.

Media Diversified

Black/Brown from the outside, white from the inside

by Amna G Riaz

babiesbigI often hear this term ‘acting white’ being thrown about amongst people of a black or minority ethnic background (I will use people of colour or PoC from now on). Or the term ‘bounty’ or ‘coconut’ is used to describe PoC who in their words ‘act white’. These terms are pretty self-explanatory with a little imagination or if you are a PoC and have been called one. But for those who are unaware of the word or meaning I will explain now. ‘Bounty’ is the name of the chocolate bar many of you are aware of, the chocolate representing the colours; therefore in street terms ‘Black/or Brown on the outside and white from the inside’. Same applies to the coconut. I’m being British centric here in the use of the term but of course I recognise that this…

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